Welcome to the Czech ERRICCA 2 home page, focused on radon problems.

Czech members of the ERRICCA 2 programme are:

RADON v.o.s.

Contact persons: Martin Neznal, Matej Neznal
e-mail : radon@comp.cz

The first Czech private firm dealing with radon measurements and with the assessment of radon exposure, established in 1990. It performs detailed radon surveys at building areas (radon index determination), measurements of indoor radon concentration and of radon concentration in water. Its customers are private persons as well as the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, State Office for Nuclear Safety, projecting and building firms and other authorities. Beside commercial activities, the firm has participated in various research projects.

Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Contact person: Martin Jiránek

The laboratory deals with the measurement of radon diffusion coefficient in radon resisting membranes, the design of radon remedial and protective measures in houses, the standardization of radon protective and remedial measures (author of Czech technical standards CSN 73 0601 and CSN 73 0602 dealing with protection of houses against radon). Publications on protective and remedial measures are presented on http://www.suro.cz.

Other information concerning radon are available at home pages of following institutions:

State Office for Nuclear Safety
The State Office for Nuclear Safety is a regulatory body responsible for governmental administration and supervision in the fields of uses of nuclear energy and radiation and of radiation protection. The Atomic Act and the implementary legal regulation, the information on measurement protocols, the list of firms that are lincensed to perform radon measurements and other documents are published on the SONS web page.

National Radiation Protection Institute
The institute is a non-profit organization established by the SONS as its research base. The NRPI home page provides information on radon and on natural radiation, on radon measurements and on protective measures, as well as radon booklets.

Czech Geological Survey
The Czech Geological Survey is a state budget organization, the resort reseach institute of the Ministry of Environment. It collects and assess data on the geological composition of the state territory and provides regional geological information. Regional radon risk maps of the Czech republic can be found on the web page of CGU.